• HARVEST 2021: A new beginning

    The 2021 harvest represents a milestone for us. Many news and motivations have enriched this very special year! While on the one hand the season was not the best in terms of productivity due to the prolonged drought (so much so as to decrease the expected production by 20%), on the other hand thaks to the forces putted in place and the projects carried out, it was very rich! It is since this year that we have realized that we have to renew ourselves and that we have to focus in a constant and important way on our products and our work! We relied on an
    internet site expert, Michele Cesaretti, who with skill and extreme competence has completely renewed our presence on the web. Now the site is professional and constantly evolving. The E-commerce part allows a simplified and extremely fluid purchase! We relied on an expert photographer and a friend, Cristian Sordini Photographer, who with art and wisdom gave value and luster to the various stages of the harvest.
    An artist knows how to grasp the nuances that most do not always appear evident and manages to convey emotions, those same emotions that we find expressed in powerful and meaningful images!
    An overview of the structure which is the beating heart of the winery Il Gheppio made us really proud. The
    nature that surrounds us is full of beauty and life! Our vineyard is an inexhaustible source of glimpses and microcosms. We never expected an autumn with these colors and this power of emotions! Our faces, our steps, our work done with passion and art conquered over time by trial and error like the craftsmen of the past who experimented and improved little by little.
    The result of our work: our bottles that cheer your tables and cheer your hearts!

    Un artista sa cogliere delle sfumature che ai più non sempre appaiono evidenti e riesce a trasmettere emozioni quelle stesse emozioni che ritroviamo espresse in immagini potenti e cariche di significato!

    Una panoramica della struttura che è il cuore pulsante della cantina il gheppio ci ha reso davvero orgogliosi. La natura che ci avvolge è carica di bellezza e di vita!

    La nostra vigna è una fonte inesauribile di scorci e di microcosmi. Un autunno con questi colori e questa potenza di emozioni non ce lo saremmo mai aspettato!

    I nostri volti, i nostri passi, il nostro lavoro fatto con passione e arte conquistata nel tempo per prove ed errori come gli artigiani di una volta che sperimentavano e miglioravano mano a mano.

    Il frutto del nostro lavoro: le nostre bottiglie che allietano le vostre tavole e rallegrano i cuori!

  • The best challenge of 2021

    As you may have known by now from the posts on our Facebook page, we have accepted a very welcome challenge that we wanted to face in order to expand our presence on the national territory. We have contacts in Tuscany that have tickled our imagination for a possible presence within important businesses. So we wanted to be evaluated by a YouTuber who is having some success thanks to
    his work as a Sommelier! We’re talking about Francesco Bianchi and his YouTube channel which is called THE ITALIAN SOMMELIER! We leave you all the links to get to know him and his work. He is a really passionate young man that with simplicity and an extreme humility has accepted to taste our wines and give us a review that is as faithful to reality as possible. We asked him to be completely honest, and to help us understand our strengths and weaknesses. We are waiting for your work and we can’t wait to publish it. We cross our fingers on the result and we will try to carry on our advertising campaign to get our products on your tables! In the meantime, try our wines for yourself by purchasing them from our Shop.

  • The italian sommelier

    The 2021 challenge with THE ITALIAN SOMMELIER is over and now we can make our conclusions! Undergoing a

    critical judgment from an external expert is never without fear. As when we undergo an exam or face a test of any kind, we are always questioned, and we think that the risk we have taken has been too high. Leaving the Comfort Zone is destabilizing, and above all we put ourselves in a position to receive criticism when perhaps we think everything is fine. The attitude that Il Gheppio wants to maintain for the next few years is humility and hard work to improve ourselves! With this in mind, we got in touch with Francesco Bianchi to ask for advice, for an opinion, to grow and bring our values ​​and principles outside the Umbria region! The video will be previewed on The Italian Sommelier channel at 6.00 pm today November 29th. We wish you a good

    viewing and we hope that our effort will be appreciated by the public and customers! See you soon and keep following us.

    To follow the live video click on the Link