The winery is spread over land belonging to a typical Umbrian agricultural rural building (cottage) dating back to 1665. For many years the production of the agricultural estate was aimed at the cultivation of cereals, while the production of wine was mainly intended for family consumption, coming from vines grown in a particular way: they used to grow and climb on small trees positioned in rows even 10m apart in order to allow other crops between the rows. In 1920 the ownership of the agricultural estate passes to Antonini Diego who continues the traditional cultivation of the land. In 2003 the grandchildren Gianluca,
Stefano and Diegod decided to convert part of the land (about 2.3 hectares) into vineyards, and in the spring of 2004 they planted about 11,500 Sagrantino vines, with a spurred cordon training system. In 2006, took place the first production of the vineyard, and the first vinification took place in the original cellar of cottage. In 2009 the agricultural company Il Gheppio was created, and the restructuring of the cellar were completed in the spring of 2010. In 2020 the conversion of the vineyard to organic begins: first organic grapes with harvest in 2023.


Montefalco Sagrantino

  • Sagrantino Secco
  • Sagrantino Passito
  • Il Domenicale

Other wines and products

  • Umbria Rosso IGP
  • Umbria Rosato IGP
The aquavits are the result of the distillation of wine from Sagrantino grapes of our production. The types are:
  • White aquavit
  • aquavit Italian BRANDY

The new productions are being distilled