The 2021 challenge with THE ITALIAN SOMMELIER is over and now we can make our conclusions! Undergoing a

critical judgment from an external expert is never without fear. As when we undergo an exam or face a test of any kind, we are always questioned, and we think that the risk we have taken has been too high. Leaving the Comfort Zone is destabilizing, and above all we put ourselves in a position to receive criticism when perhaps we think everything is fine. The attitude that Il Gheppio wants to maintain for the next few years is humility and hard work to improve ourselves! With this in mind, we got in touch with Francesco Bianchi to ask for advice, for an opinion, to grow and bring our values ​​and principles outside the Umbria region! The video will be previewed on The Italian Sommelier channel at 6.00 pm today November 29th. We wish you a good

viewing and we hope that our effort will be appreciated by the public and customers! See you soon and keep following us.

To follow the live video click on the Link