As you may have known by now from the posts on our Facebook page, we have accepted a very welcome challenge that we wanted to face in order to expand our presence on the national territory. We have contacts in Tuscany that have tickled our imagination for a possible presence within important businesses. So we wanted to be evaluated by a YouTuber who is having some success thanks to
his work as a Sommelier! We’re talking about Francesco Bianchi and his YouTube channel which is called THE ITALIAN SOMMELIER! We leave you all the links to get to know him and his work. He is a really passionate young man that with simplicity and an extreme humility has accepted to taste our wines and give us a review that is as faithful to reality as possible. We asked him to be completely honest, and to help us understand our strengths and weaknesses. We are waiting for your work and we can’t wait to publish it. We cross our fingers on the result and we will try to carry on our advertising campaign to get our products on your tables! In the meantime, try our wines for yourself by purchasing them from our Shop.